After he witnesses a fiery car crash kill both his parents, Matthew “Matty” Weber is sent to live with his Grandma Debbie. Four years later, now sixteen, Matty swears to stop hiding behind his introverted behavior and forces himself to become socially and emotionally normal. He has a rough start when he mistakenly sits down at the lunch table of the high school’s elite.

That day, he meets Samantha, the girl of his dreams, but also Mark, captain of the football team and general jerk. Even though Matty miraculously avoids getting beat up, his next hurdle is to ace the State Standardized School Tests. A worldwide cyber-attack quickly ends the examination.

With academics on hold, Matty decides to approach Samantha but finds her an emotional mess. She seems scared and asks for his help and trust. Shockingly, Mark confronts him and asks for the same. Now, two socially backward high school students, Matty and his best friend Gabriel, set out to find a solution to the unusual requests from the popular crowd. They must fight against cyber terrorism, but can a worldwide event really be stopped by two teens?