“Yikes! A lady is dangling in the air! And she’s upside down,” Freddie said.“Funny,” he added as his forehead furled.“Why isn’t she screaming?”
I looked in the direction Freddie was staring. A woman with curly blonde hair was hanging with her body facing away from the wall.“Her hair is probably in her mouth, ”I quipped as the image in front of me slowly sank in. I figured she must have fallen while examining the collection of 150-million-year-old vertebrae on the Dinosaur Wall of Bones in the multi-floor Quarry Exhibit Hall. This was the last thing I had expected to see at the Dinosaur Natural Monument in Utah. As I examined the situation, it looked as if she had fallen near the end of the two-hundred-foot-long exhibit. She was hanging upside down, as Freddie had said. He had a quick mind.
“Matty, help her!” Freddie said. “After all, you’re seventeen, you’re bigger than me, and I hear you took many gym classes last year.”
I looked around for someone to help us, but nobody was in sight. Freddie and I plotted a path to a spot directly beneath her and ran. My mind raced as I worked on a plan to help her. I figured I needed to unhook her from her harness and then cushion her fall to the ground. “What a time to be without our cell phones!” I said.


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